Snow castles

Snow!  Both German Shepherds and children love it!  All the more when a large pile of snow created from cleaning the driveway turns into an imaginary castle and there are make-believe enemies attempting to capture it.  I just love the ever watchful and vigilant expressions that GSDs have.  Kirsa really looks she is taking the children’s game very seriously! 

It was quite a scramble for Kirsa to scale the walls, but she relished the challenge.  She is always happiest when she is alongside the children in all their games and adventures.  These dogs never want to be left out of the fun and excitement.

Elizabeth and Kirsa were the castle guards and before long Keziah came to help them out.  It looks, though, considering their relaxed positions, that there was no fear of an attack.  They are simply soaking up the warm sunshine and enjoying the light breeze on their faces.

Spring is just around the corner and hopefully, in just a few months, Kirsa will be having a litter of puppies!  Now EVERYONE is really looking forward to that!