Meet the Festeburg team


Marketing and Media Manager

David does a lot of behind-the-scenes work such as website development, photography and exercising the dogs.


Operations Coordinator

Erica's sense of quality is invaluable to the kennel. She is the one that makes sure everything that needs doing gets done and that it gets done well.

Jonathan Taylor

Trainer and Caregiver

Jonathan's calm calculated personality is a great asset to the whole business! He enjoys spending time training and exercising the dogs.

William Taylor

Trainer and Caregiver

William's enthusiasm and energy are wonderful to have! He loves to give the dogs their exercise and also takes part in the everyday work involved in raising dogs.


Trainer in Training

Elizabeth loves training the dogs! She would be happy doing it all day if she could, but of course she is busy and has other things to do, too.


Caregiver and Sanitation Technician

Keziah loves the dogs! She makes sure they get fed and brushed and keeps their dishes clean. She loves giving them treats.


Socializer and Canine Psychoanalyst

Alright, I guess Rachel isn't a psychoanalyst, but she does make sure the dogs know that even the smallest people are to be respected and protected.


Tolerance Trainer

No matter what the little ones do to the dogs, they are trained to always treat them with respect and gentleness. Josiah is an expert at helping them learn this.


Tolerance Trainer

No matter what the little ones do to the dogs, they are trained to always treat them with respect and gentleness. Gabriel is an expert at helping them learn this.

Festeburg German Shepherds

Festeburg Kennels is a small family-run kennel near Sherbrooke, Quebec that specializes in breeding German Shepherd Dogs with excellent pedigree. Our goal is to produce dogs that are perfect companions for families and individuals. These puppies also have great potential for working, Schutzhund and showing.  For this reason, we have chosen dogs that exhibit not only the beautiful red and black colour characteristic of the West German show line but also ones that have a family history of excellent performance in shows and great temperament.

All our dogs are good with children, and we carefully socialize them with children from a young age. Although fully capable of achieving great things at shows and Schutzhund trials, that is not the only thing in which German Shepherds excel.  They also make amazing family dogs!  Whether you have young children or you are alone and need a loyal, protective companion, acquiring one of our puppies is ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

Health is obviously of utmost importance.  We make sure our dogs meet or exceed the acceptable breeding standards for both hip and elbow dysplasia and are tested clear of degenerative myelopathy (DM).  We will not breed a dog unless he or she is in excellent health. We will breed our females only when we feel that they are in optimal condition to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Family is important, and we have a heart for children who have no parents.  We set aside part of the profit from the sale of our puppies for the adoption of children.