Recently we had the opportunity to do a more formal photo session with Kirsa’s puppies. They were at just the ideal age to try to do something like this.  They were old enough to look really cute, but young enough to stay put…more or less!  Even at that, it was a workout to get all 8 puppies to stay just were we wanted them to be.  Initially, most of them were much too adventuresome to sit still for a group shot, so we got these photos instead…

Further on into the photo shoot, the puppies were starting to get sleepy and we knew it was time to try to get a few photos with all 8 puppies together.  We were very pleased with how the photos turned out!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!  from the Festeburg team,

David, Erica, Elizabeth, Keziah, Rachel, Josiah & Gabriel

and Kirsa, Kelsa, Heidi, Annora & the 8 puppies