Genetic Health Guarantee

We guarantee the puppy to be free from the following life-threatening congenital and genetic health issues. The parents of the puppies are screened for the mutated gene which can lead to Degenerative Myelopathy and have been tested to have hips and elbows that meet or exceed the breeding standard, to ensure that the progeny will not have problems with dysplasia due to heredity. Note: Dysplasia can be caused by improper environmental conditions such as excessive exercise, climbing or descending stairs, improper food, obesity, etc.

If before the age of two years your puppy is diagnosed by a vet to be in a state requiring euthanasia due to congenital or hereditary defects, we must be sent a copy of a licensed veterinarian’s determination within five business days. We will replace the puppy as soon as a puppy of equal quality is available. We will not issue a refund. The Buyer is responsible for the transport costs of replacing the puppy. We are not responsible for any vet bills that may occur during the life of your puppy through adulthood. We are not responsible for physical problems that are caused by injury, improper exercise, improper food, or any other physical problem not directly caused by genetic or congenital health issues.

This guarantee is void if the Buyer is not fulfilling the breeder’s recommendations as laid out in the “Buyer’s commitments and obligations” section of the Puppy Sales Contract. This guarantee applies only to the original owner and is void if the dog is transferred or sold to another owner.