Baths and then playtime

We recently gave the puppies their 1st bath.  We try not to give them baths frequently, but sometimes they get so dirty that washing them up is a must.  All the children were such a big help with this job.  Annora is doing such a excellent job of teaching her pups.  If one of the puppies is bullying another one, she'll actually come over and break up the squabble.  She is still very devoted to teaching…

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Puppies 1st day outdoors

This Monday the weather was finally warm enough to take the puppies outside to play for the 1st time.  Even though it was a totally new experience for them, they confidently took it all in.   Can you spot the long-haired puppies?  As the weeks go by, the differences between the three long-haired puppies and the short-haired puppies are becoming much more obvious. Happy spring, everyone!

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Puppies are so cute!

Annora's puppies, at 5 weeks old, are now at a very playful stage.  They follow us everywhere and even come when we call them.  They are very playful, sociable and curious. We've been suspecting for a while now that there are three long-haired puppies in the litter and this week a fellow breeder confirmed our suspicions.  This is the first time we've had long-haired puppies, so we're pretty excited.  "Yellow" (a female - left), "Black"…

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Puppies are 4 weeks old!

Annora's puppies have been growing like crazy and now are 4 weeks old and weigh just short of 2 kgs.  They are at such a fun, playful, cuddly age, but haven't yet started the nipping, teathing stage.  A really fun age in my mind!

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Video of puppies

Yesterday we had an enjoyable time as a family cuddling Annora's 2 week old puppies.  They have their eyes open now and are stumbling around on their wobbly legs.  So far, this litter has been the most fun of all our litters to raise, as Annora has been doing all the hard work and we simply get to sit back and enjoy them.

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Annora is a mommy!

Annora gave birth to her puppies on Sunday, February 26th.  The whelping went smoothly and all the puppies were born in record time.   We're very impressed with how maternal Annora is. Even though this is her first litter, she caught on very quickly to her role as mommy.  She has blown us away with her dedication and the attention she is lavishing on her puppies.  Her devoted care is showing up in their well-being.  Normally, in…

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Will you play with me? Please, please!!! Oh, bother.  Everyone has forgotten me… Youppi!!!  Keziah remembered me!!! Now that is something to smile about! Hope you like kisses…I love you, Keziah!  ~ Puppy ~

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Enjoying the puppies

"Pink" and "Purple" are now 6 weeks old and at the end of the month they will be leaving for their new homes.  In the meantime, we are teaching them basic manners, (like fingers and toes are not chew toys :) ), playing with them and just plain enjoying the brief time that we have them. Taking care of only 2 puppies has been a very different experience, since up until now, we have only…

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Kelsa’s puppies have arrived

Kelsa's third litter of puppies was born this Monday, November 28th.  She set a new litter record for us - the smallest we've ever had with only 2 puppies!  Her two female puppies are doing well and growing fast under Momma's undivided attention and generous milk supply. These two little girls also set a new record themselves - they are the largest puppies that we've ever had!  They are plump and round with cute, wrinkly…

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