Enjoying the puppies

"Pink" and "Purple" are now 6 weeks old and at the end of the month they will be leaving for their new homes.  In the meantime, we are teaching them basic manners, (like fingers and toes are not chew toys :) ), playing with them and just plain enjoying the brief time that we have them. Taking care of only 2 puppies has been a very different experience, since up until now, we have only…

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Kelsa’s puppies have arrived

Kelsa's third litter of puppies was born this Monday, November 28th.  She set a new litter record for us - the smallest we've ever had with only 2 puppies!  Her two female puppies are doing well and growing fast under Momma's undivided attention and generous milk supply. These two little girls also set a new record themselves - they are the largest puppies that we've ever had!  They are plump and round with cute, wrinkly…

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Our up and coming photographer!

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Ashley Frazer and I am 7 years old.  My daddy and mommy gave me a camera for my birthday. I enjoy taking pictures of our puppies and our adult dogs.  I have learned a lot from watching my daddy take pictures.  I hope to take over my daddy's job of photographing the puppies someday.  Here are a few of my best photos so far. ~Elizabeth


Merry Christmas!

Recently we had the opportunity to do a more formal photo session with Kirsa's puppies. They were at just the ideal age to try to do something like this.  They were old enough to look really cute, but young enough to stay put...more or less!  Even at that, it was a workout to get all 8 puppies to stay just were we wanted them to be.  Initially, most of them were much too adventuresome to…

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8 more puppies!

Please note that ALL of these puppies are reserved.  If you would like to reserve a puppy from a future litter, please contact us. Kirsa gave birth to her litter of 10 puppies on November 22nd, 2021. Unfortunately, two of them didn't make it through their first week.  The remaining 8 puppies are doing very well and growing up so fast!

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Kelsa’s puppies are here

Please note that ALL of these puppies are reserved.  If you would like to reserve a puppy from a future litter, please contact us here. On October 14th, Kelsa gave birth to 8 puppies.  The delivery went smoothly and quickly.  What was surprising was the gender of the puppies - she only had 1 female!  ALL seven other puppies were males! 3 days old 2 weeks old 2 weeks old 2 weeks old 3 weeks…

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Heidi & Annora

Now that things are quieting down around here at Festeburg Kennel and we have a bit of a break before the next litters are on the way, I now have time to introduce the newest additions to the pack.  We kept Heidi & Annora from the litters that were born this spring and hope that they will become good mothers someday, just like their own mothers, Kirsa & Kelsa. Annora Ilsa von Festeburg ~ 4…

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A Mother’s Day secret

Do you know what, Puppy?  It is Mother’s Day tomorrow!  We should go pick some flowers!  Shhh…don’t tell! Gabriel - What a great idea!  Don’t worry…I won’t say a word! Puppy - Great!  Let’s go!!! Gabriel - OH, NO!!!  What happened to our flowers?  Rachel is feeding them to one of the puppies!!!! Oh well, we’ll just have to go look for some different ones… Gabriel -

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Kelsa’s adorable puppies

Kelsa's cute puppies are now 3 1/2 weeks old.  We decided to keep the bells on the collars of these puppies, in order to be able to tell them apart from their "cousins".  Even though Kirsa's puppies are a little older, Kelsa's are just as big.  The two litters of puppies are spending time playing and exploring together each day. 

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Enjoying the outdoors

Kirsa's puppies are almost three weeks old now and have been enjoying the unusually warm weather we have been having the past couple of days. "All this fresh air and exploring is making me a little sleepy"...  Kirsa is looking on, keeping watch over them all.

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